Original Relics Dining Table

This Christmas season was a busy time for us.  We worked on house projects and created some fun presents. And, we also had some lovely house guests who brought us a beautiful gift!

Let me back up and tell you about Original Relics.  This year, Nick’s Mom and Dad took a leap and turned a passion into a business.  They are great at finding discarded or damaged things and materials and turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces.  They’ve built some beautiful tables, beds, lighting fixtures, and so much more this year.  You can check out their gallery here. I’m certain you’ll find something you love!

As part of this journey, they came across a lovely Amish-built table that had been relegated to a corner of a welder’s shop. In fact, the “Original Relics” sign was welded on it!


We love pieces with character and a story, so we were so happy to learn that this beautiful piece of restored furniture was making it’s way to our home! We have been talking about adding one of the Original Relics designs to our home (because we love the work and the craftsman!), so we were looking forward to making room for it.

We very quickly found a home for our old table…


..and went on the hunt for the perfect chairs for our new table. After much searching and discussion, we found chairs we both could love and brought them home.


So, we were all set when our beautiful Original Relics table arrived.


It was quite the trick getting it here and setting it up as it is solid and weighs about 400lbs! (Good job, Mom G., helping to get that loaded! Whew!). It has a beautiful Butterfly Leaf that makes extending the table so easy!

I also love that the leaf stores away under the table top so there’s no frustration in trying to find a storage spot for it.

And, to top it all off, Mom G. went shopping with me to make sure there were lovely table coverings.


And, although I didn’t think to get a picture, we were able to celebrate a late Christmas dinner with family around our new table. We hope that there will be many more meals, puzzles, game nights and projects that happen around it.

Thanks, Mom and Dad G., for a lovely gift. We especially love that you took the time to take something old, discarded and misused and make it loved again!  (I also just have to note the French influence in the design!  It’s beautiful and makes my Francophile heart smile!)

If you’d like your own one-of-a-kind creation, you can contact Mike at mike@originalrelics.com, check out their website – Original Relics, or like them on Facebook.

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