Wedding Day

Previously published on 7/23/13

It’s so difficult to put into words what it feels like to have a dream come true. It must truly be experienced to really understand it. I had the privilege of living out my dream yesterday. It was more beautiful than I can say!

As I write this, I’m sitting in the airport, with my new husband, waiting to leave for our honeymoon. My heart is so full of joy! The Lord and our parents gave us a day to remember forever. We were surrounded by our friends and family. So many people loved us so well. It’s humbling and beautiful to receive blessing. I don’t always do that well. But, this weekend, the shower of love and generosity was more than I could process.

Yesterday, I married the man of my dreams, the man God intended for me. We stood in a gorgeous and holy place, before people who love us, and committed our lives to one another. It was a completely sacred moment. I’ve waited 17 years for the fulfillment of this promise and I am so full of joy. I just might burst.

So, I’m off to a week with my husband and I can’t wait. When I return, I will share the many ways that God blessed our journey. But, let me leave you with this: Keep hoping. Keep Believing. Keep Dreaming. It may take longer than you like, but dreams really do come true.

Same Day Edit – “3rd Time’s the Charm”
Video Credit: 3 Ring Weddings

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