Wrestling with Privacy

Years ago, before marrying Nick, I often wrote blog posts about my life or opinions without much thought to the level of privacy I was sacrificing. I was involved in ministry and wanted my life to be open and approachable, especially for the students I was mentoring.

But, marrying an introvert who barely abides social media gave me pause to stop and consider what I shared about our lives. Out of respect for him, I curbed my writing and was much more cautious about what I did let out into public spaces. Additionally, a job in HR makes it important to keep certain thoughts to myself so I can continue to remain neutral with my co-workers.

Finally, we added a beautiful little red head to our family and all my mama-bear walls went up to protect that sweet girl from any evil lurking out in the world. For someone who has read and heard too much about the depravity of sex trafficking as we’ve supported organizations who help people escape from bondage, it’s terrifying to think of what can happen to a child in this broken world. So, I pretty much locked everything down and stopped writing much about our lives.

So, thank you for bearing with me as I start writing some older updates and posting some older pictures as I wrestle with how much to share about the miracles of our story and how to protect our little family.

Also, I would love to hear any of your thoughts on privacy and social media, especially when it comes to kiddos.

2 thoughts on “Wrestling with Privacy

  1. JJ and Amy Jo have completely removed themselves from social media. And don’t want us posting pics of the kiddos. I think when it started isocial media was a wonderful place to share and reconnect but it has become a dark place. I’m not saying share nothing, but definitely be very careful, especially with that beautiful baby. 😘

    • We went pretty much on lockdown with social media once Hailee was born. Up until then, my social media accounts were all open and I had never blocked anyone. Socials are definitely double-edges swords. So great for keeping in touch, especially over long distances, but terrible is so many other ways. Trying to find the right balance.

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