Merry Christmas

This has been a fun year as we’ve watched Hailee Grace grow and really blossom in her personality. She is the sweetest little girl and she definitely adores here Daddy! There are SO many words now in her vocabulary and she uses them all the time. She loves to chat and giggle. Now that she knows that “Red is stop!” and “Green is go!”, she’s already become quite the back seat driver as well. Starting “school” this year at The Learning Experience was a big deal for us. Mommy was nervous, but Hailee took to it pretty quickly and has made sweet friends there. We LOVE her teachers, Ms. Melissa and Ms. Morgan, and really everyone at the center. They’ve made it a pretty seamless transition for us!

After having to cancel our 2020 Christmas plans due to intense car sickness for Hailee, we were so excited to be able travel to Georgia via airplane for Thanksgiving this year. Hailee loved spending time with her cousins and Uncle Daniel and KK. Ansley and Addison were so sweet with her and so helpful and she and Atlee got along really well, too. Sadly, our Breakfast with Santa location had to move as the Ritz in Atlanta was no longer holding this event, but, it was so nice to get to have breakfast with Santa at the Swan Coach House. (Thanks, Glammy and Pops!). Looking forward to more time together in 2022.

Hailee hasn’t been a big fan of Santa this year, but we did a little family photo shoot with Jessica Westerfield Photography and LOVED how her pictures came out. We will have to give Santa a try again next year!

Here’s a copy of our Christmas card for this year with our favorites from the photo shoot. I used this year to send out our Christmas cards. I’m learning to give on some of the things I WANT to do (handwrite every envelope and send personal notes) in order to make sure SOMETHING actually gets done. Reorganizing your life with a toddler is no joke and we are taking the wins where we can find them.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May this season be full of love and light as you celebrate together the One who gives us all a reason to breathe. Love, The Giardinos

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