Christy loves to write songs for the people in her life. Below are a few of those songs and their stories. We hope you enjoy!

More of You

This was the first song Christy ever wrote and recorded.  It was taken from a fledgling scratch recording to the final version through the talents of Matt Williams and Andy Slagle of Early Morning Studios.  They graciously supplied their instrumental work as well as their production genius.  It additionally features the drum stylings of Daniel Dziesinksi and beautiful piano work by David Pruiksma. Even though every artist can always find something to change about their work, this song has a special place in Christy’s heart and after so many years something of which she’s proud.



This song was written for Nick as a wedding gift from Christy.  It was beautifully arranged and scored by the amazing and talented Matthew Williams. It was an unspeakable gift to me when I heard it for the first time. It’s always amazing to work with talented artists and see what collaboration creates. Thank you, Matthew, for your hard work and help in creating this very special gift.

Photo Credits: Innamorata Photography
Location Credit: Frost Chapel and Ford Dining Hall@ Berry College
Music Credits: “Blessed” Music and Lyrics © Christina Giardino, Production and Instrumentation: Matt Williams

Choose Love

This song was written as a request by a groom’s family several years ago. The parents of the groom wanted to send a special message and blessing to the couple the night before the wedding. The song gives the advice to always choose love. No matter what happens, no matter the cost, always choose love. The video is composed of pictures of our families the night before our wedding. We hope you enjoy!
Photo Credits: Alight Photography
Location Credit: Frost Chapel @ Berry College
Music Credits: “Choose Love” Music and Lyrics © Christina Giardino, Production and Instrumentation: Matt Williams, Piano: David Pruiksma


Our Angel (Ansley’s Song)

Christy wrote this song for her first niece, Ansley, before she was born. Ansley is such a joy to Aunt Christy and Uncle Nickadino! We love her so much. The photography in this compilation is attributed to some amazing photographers and also to Christy. Britt and Brenna both did a fantastic job of capturing Ansley’s beauty and personality. We’ve loved watching it develop as she’s grown!
Photo Credits: Brenna B Photography; Britt Cleary Photography; Christina Giardino
Music Credits: “Our Angel (Ansley’s Song)” Words and Lyrics © Christina Giardino;


Luke’s Lullaby

This song was written for the son of dear, dear friends. Luke is one of Christy’s “Nephews” whom she loves dearly. It is always one of my greatest joys and sweetest moment’s when I get to sing a lullaby to an infant and rock them to sleep in my arms. Those are precious moments I hold deep in my heart.

Special Note: The guitar on this recording is played by Luke’s father, Michael

Photo Credit: Christina Giardino
Location Credit: Turnipseed Nursery Farms, Fayetteville, GA
Music Credits: “Luke’s Lullaby” Words and Lyrics © Christina Giardino

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