Nick and Christy have a few side ventures – Here’s how you can check them out:

CNG Designs, Inc. –

Nick is putting his years of Engineering education and training together with his love of building things to create and build projects.  Christy contributes as shop helper and with some of the creative aspects of each design.  Check us out and contact us for your next custom project!

Mary Kay Cosmetics –

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a company that encourages and empowers while providing great skin care options.  Christy has been a consultant with Mary Kay for nearly 20 years.  Let me know if I can help you with your skincare needs.

doTerra Essential Oils –

In the last few years, Nick and Christy have been researching ways to live a healthier, cleaner life.  doTerra Essential Oils have been a significant factor in our improved health and well-being.  Let us know if we can help you dip your toe into your own journey with essential oils!


If you have any questions about the items above, contact us here: