Well Done, Good and Faithful One

On August 25th, Nick’s Dad entered into the presence of the Lord. He fought so valiantly against disease for more than 40 years. He wanted to badly to stay here with all of us, but the Lord called him home. I’m sure there will be more to say once we have processed through this more. We miss him greatly and Hailee Grace really doesn’t understand why she can’t call “Pops and Mike” anymore. (I will share another story of that later).

For now, please, enjoy this video that was shared at Mike’s Celebration of Life service. You can also learn more about Mike’s life at https://www.forevermissed.com/michael-peter-giardino/about

(If Video doesn’t load, you can access it here: https://vimeo.com/748252803/f182132738)

Production of the video by Snohomish Film Company.

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