Wedding Preparations

Previously published on 6/24/2013

At midnight, the cry rang out: “Here’s the Bridegroom! Come out to meet Him!” – Matthew 25:6

There are so many details that go into a wedding. From deciding what to carry as “Something borrowed” and “Something Blue” to music choices, who to invite, and a million other things, there is much preparation that must be done. It’s the details that make each wedding unique. You can learn much about a couple by observing how they choose to represent themselves on their wedding day.

We’ve chosen to take our vows in a chapel on my college campus. It’s a place that holds memories for the groom because he grew up going to Camp WinShape there. He learned many things there that make him the “Wild at Heart” man I love. It holds memories for me because, although I also attended summer camp there, it’s the first place I truly experienced adult life and independence (partially) from my parents. And, it holds memories for us as a couple because we spent much time exploring its 27,000 acres as we dated long ago. It means something to us and it was chosen with excitement!

We’ve chosen to ask our brothers and their wives to stand up for us on that day. We have many friends who we would have been honored to ask, but we chose family. We know that these are the men and women who love us the most and who will be willing to speak truth into our lives and marriage. Hopefully, they will one day be Aunts and Uncles to our children. They each love the Lord and love us, and we couldn’t be happier that they will stand with us on our day.

We’ve also chosen to make the day all about Jesus. Our theme is our story, and our story is only possible because the Lord has been gracious to us. It’s only because of His grace and goodness that we get to stand before our family and friends as we commit our lives to one another. So, while society and culture tells us that the wedding day is all about the bride, we are doing everything we can to point to Jesus instead. It’s our prayer that when people see how we have come to receive His promise, they will find hope and peace for whatever storm they are facing. We know that this is the Lord’s doing and it is our great honor to rejoice in it!

The 25th chapter of Matthew talks about similar preparations for a wedding. There are actually three parables in that chapter about the coming of Jesus, but the first likens it to waiting upon a Bridegroom. When the Bridegroom comes, the ones who have done the work and made the appropriate preparations, are able to rush out to meet Him. I can’t wait for the day I stand at the end of the aisle, on my father’s arm, and walk to my Bridegroom. But, even more so, I await the day when Jesus returns and we are taken to be His Bride.

What preparations are you making for that day? Would the details of your life tell the story? The Bridegroom is coming and we must “…keep watch, because [we] do not know the day or the hour”. When Jesus comes, will you be ready to meet Him? Are you making the preparations now? It’s not too late. You can begin today. Get ready. He’s coming soon.

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