“She’s so much smarter when she’s drunk!”… Said No One Ever

Have you ever been to a party where you witnessed people making bad choices? Maybe it was the college friend who thought it would be completely fine to dance on that glass table. Or, perhaps it was the wedding reception where the person giving the toast was a little too free with information. It could have even been a business gathering where you learned more than you wanted to know about a colleague or customer. When lips are loose and judgment is impaired, you can often identify a common culprit – alcohol.

I like to have control over my environment and know I have the ability to leave at any time I’d like. Therefore, I don’t typically drink at parties. In fact, Nick and I had a rule while we were dating that only one of us could drink at a time. This made sure that one of us was always in charge of remembering our pre-established relationship boundaries. In groups of friends, I often volunteer to be the designated driver. This frees me from any social pressure to drink, and it also gives me the opportunity to observe behavior. It’s actually quite interesting to be the only one sober at a party.

I was sharing some of these observations with my friend, Mary, at work. I was recounting a particular problem which seemed to be exacerbated by several alcohol-fueled incidents. And, that’s when she told something I’ll never forget. She said, “Well, Christy, you know I’ve never heard someone say, ‘She’s so much smarter when she’s drunk!”.

Her simple wisdom made me smile. It’s true! I’ve known people who get mean, flirty, obnoxious, violent, chatty, brave or sleepy when they drink, but I’ve never known someone who gets smarter. In fact, alcohol, with it’s depressant nature and habit of removing inhibitions, is not usually a companion to our finest moments.

Thanks for sharing, Mary! I’ll be sure to remember this the next time I’m thinking about one more round.

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