Wants and Needs

“My son wants a motorcycle. My son needs to pay his rent.” – D.J. Gallamore as told by Dan Solly My Dad is the analogy king. He has a story for everything…and I do mean, everything! He has taken the wisdom shared with him over the years and passed it along to his children (and anyone else who will listen). One of my Dad’s first jobs was with Publix Supermarkets in Miami. Several of his “famous” stories come from his time there. At one point in his career with Publix, he had a boss named D.J. Gallamore. This man sought to teach him more than just the rules of running a supermarket or stocking shelves. He shared wisdom about life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the story of how Mr. Gallamore explained the difference between wants and needs. “You see, Dan, there’s a difference between wants and needs. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you should get it. You should take care of the needs first and then, if there’s anything left over, you can take care of the wants. Let’s take my son, for example. My son wants a motorcycle, but my son needs to pay his rent.” (My paraphrase) (It’s really most effective if you can witness this story being told with hand gestures. The wants are in one hand and the needs in the other as if they can throw each other out of balance at any moment). It’s important to make sure the difference between a want and a need is clear. Too often, we say we need something that is truly a want or extravagance. We talk ourselves into purchasing something we deserve before taking care of the true needs in our lives. It’s so easy to overextend ourselves or live beyond our means when we turn wants into needs. Thanks, Dad (and Mr. Gallamore) for teaching me this lesson. I haven’t always followed the rules and put my needs first, but I’m getting better and better with every consequence.

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