Wedding Advice

Previously published on 7/8/2014

As I prepare for my wedding day and my future marriage, I have been seeking the advice and wisdom of others who have been walking that road. The day before the wedding, at my bridal luncheon, I had the opportunity to hear from the ladies who will be standing with us. Here are some of the things I heard, maybe they will bless you.

“Always believe the best in one another.”

“Don’t wait until you’re old to begin forgetting things. Keep short accounts. Let things go. Forgive.”

“Always kiss each other goodnight…even when you’re mad”.

“Once an issue has been settled, do not revisit it.”

“Laugh. Laugh a lot.”

“No one can bless your husband more than you can. And, also, no one can wound him more than you can. Choose your words wisely.”

“Once said, forever heard. Watch your words.”

“Choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste words on what’s unimportant.”

“Be sympathetic and compassionate. Get in the puddle with each other.”

“Everything is redeemable.”

“Always speak well of your husband. Honor him always.”

“Believe the best of your husband. He will strive to meet your expectations and be a better man.”

“Schedule play time. Don’t forget to date each other.”

“Keep your focus in the right place. If you’re both walking with The Lord, you’ll walk better together.”

“Remember to let things go. Little things will build up and feel like a big thing, but remember, it’s all still just little things. Let them go.”

I will treasure this advice. I hope it blessed your day. These ladies blessed me so much by sharing their experience. Wisdom is the best gift. I pray that I walk well and can one day share my experience with others. Blessings to you all!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Advice

  1. Today, we had a luncheon for a young woman in my office who is getting married. I collected words of advice from other coworkers and I’m adding them here for future reference:

    Always treat each other with respect. Unkind words are impossible to take back.
    Never ever take each other for granted
    Enjoy your time together
    Lean into each other even when you don’t want to
    Never stop holding hands
    Never go to bed angry with each other
    Let the small things slide and talk over the difficult issues
    Listen and hear each other
    Communication is key to a happy life!
    Once said, forever heard. Watch your words.
    Don’t wait until you’re old to begin forgetting things. Keep short accounts. Let things go. Forgive.
    Choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste words on what’s unimportant
    A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. Always have God in your marriage.
    Never try to change your spouse. Work on yourself and let God do the rest.
    Always love each other, even on the days when you don’t like each other.
    In arguments, remember this…you will never be a winner or a loser. You are one – so you either win together or lose together.
    Your spouse is not a mind reader. Communicate. It’s unfair to expect them to know or respond to something that hasn’t been said.
    No one can bless your spouse more than you can. Also, no one can wound your spouse like you can. Choose your words wisely.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even the healthiest marriages need checkups. Find a couple you respect to mentor you. Never stop learning and growing.
    Talk about money. Set a budget and rules that work for both of you.
    Patience is a virtue
    Play Tennis, not catch
    Crack Jokes.
    Choose your own adventure
    Don’t be so damn stubborn
    Do the work.
    Always kiss goodnight
    No matter what, ALWAYS make time for 1:1 and each other. Make sure you’re always one another’s priority and not let things get in the way of that!

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