The Chair

When we were preparing for Hailee’s arrival, we knew we needed a rocking chair. We actually thought we might need two, one for our room and one for hers. We figured there would be a lot of late night rocking and feeding and we wanted a comfortable spot.

What I didn’t realize is how quickly this chair would become a sacred space for me. Yes, in this chair, I’ve spent many sleepy moments. I’ve even slept in it on several occasions. Her Daddy rocks her here, too, and speaks words of hope and promise over her life. But, the sweetest, most holy moments are when I hold my daughter and talk to God.

We have prayed for this little girl for many years. It’s almost hard to grasp that we now hold her in our arms. And, each time I see her sweet face and red hair, I’m reminded of how gracious God has been to us in the fulfillment of His promises.

The blanket on the back of the chair was another gift crafted in hope. My friend, Allison, started knitting that blanket years ago as she prayed that we might have a child. Now, it keeps us warm on chilly mornings and reminds us of those in the Body of Christ who walked this journey with us. As I wrap it around my sweet Hailee Grace, my heart overflows with gratitude that there are those who prayed so faithfully for us. And, so I take these moments to pray for the deepest requests and desires of my friends’ hearts.

I’ve already begun praying with Hailee as we plead for the life of her unborn future friend. In those quiet moments, I pray for a husband for one who longs for a partner to walk with her on her journey. The children of other friends find their way into these moments. And, I marvel over the many miracles we have seen while still seeking to see others for those we love. We bless God for His goodness and thank Him for Daddy. And, I pray over her identity and that God would find her fast.

I’ve found this to be a beautiful time, undisturbed by technology or noise, where I can marvel at the little miracle God has entrusted to us and spend time in communion with Him.

I pray that I find the discipline to continue praying in this way even when she no longer needs to be rocked to sleep. May these midnight prayers yield fruit in the days to come.

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