Wedding Rehearsal

Nick and I were so blessed to have our friends and family travel to Rome, GA to take part in our wedding. For the Giardino family, that meant coordinating travel from Kentucky, Seattle, Illinois and Oklahoma. That’s no small feat! We were so honored by everyone who made the time and made the trip.

Since it doesn’t often happen that we are all in the same place at the same time, we took the opportunity to capture some family photos the night of our rehearsal. We asked the wonderful and talented ladies of Alight Photography to capture these moments for us. (You can check them out and read the blog here.

The song in the video is one I wrote for a rehearsal dinner several years ago, so it seemed an appropriate soundtrack for our photo collection. I was asked to write a song from the groom’s parents as a blessing the night before the wedding. “Choose Love”, no matter what else comes, always choose love.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!