It’s a GIRL!

We are so excited to share our news with everyone! On Monday, we got a call from our doctor to say our chromosome results were in!

First of all, we are so relieved to know that the baby is healthy and we aren’t expecting any issues related to chromosomes. Big sigh of relief!

I stopped by and picked up the rest of the results in a sealed envelope. My sweet friend, Mary, graciously ran out and purchased a gift for us so Nick and I could find out together. (Thanks, Mary!!)

This is what we got to open…

We opened it again with our parents later that night and let them know the happy (and surprising!) news.

Then, today, we shared a Facebook Live video to let the rest of our family and friends know (sorry for my poor camera skills…a little too excited, I guess!):


Thanks so much for loving us and praying for us through this journey! This little girl is already so loved and so prayed for…we can’t wait to tell her all about it!

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