REMADE: Labels

This ministry season, in women’s ministry, we have had a theme that focuses on the labels we wear (whether we label ourselves or allow others to label us). This is a topic near to my heart.  I’ve struggled under the weight of man-made labels for a long time. I’m loving the conversations, study and healing that is flowing from it.

I’ve fought, for many years, to only allow labels to stick that are given to me by my Heavenly Father. That’s what this series has encouraged and I’m loving the practice! As Lynne, our women’s ministry director, was preparing for this series, she prayed over some labels she had asked women to share with her – labels that they felt they wore.


Not enough.


To be fair, I’m sure some of the labels said, “Loved”, “Chosen”, and “Blessed” and other such positive and affirming things.  But, the truth is, none of these labels matter unless they were the ones given to us by the Father of lights.

So, as Lynne has been giving us new labels to study – labels given by the King of Kings – I’d like to share my thoughts here.  So, when you see the “REMADE” series, please know, the promptings are from the heart of a women I love dearly who listens intently for the heart of God.

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