If you’ll allow me to brag…

This site is usually limited to the goings-on in our little Giardino household. But, today, I want to brag a little as a Solly. My brother, Daniel, and his wife, Katie, are working very hard to bring a new product to the marketplace. It’s called the Timer Toppy and it was born out of the frustration of trying to keep track of the age of breast milk bottles for Ansley. They have found that it has multiple uses and have partnered with Hoegger Supply Company (who are also really lovely people) for distribution.

The Timer Toppy: http://www.timertoppy.com

The Timer Toppy: http://www.timertoppy.com

I’m very excited to see how they have taken the idea from thought to prototype and now taking it to the marketplace! Living with an engineer who designs machines for mass production and working for a plastic injection molding company has given me new insight into this process. It’s quite a journey to get that final product off the “drawing board” and into real life usage. Producing, marketing and positioning that product is another process entirely! Daniel and Katie have stepped out in faith and it’s an encouraging thing to see. It’s amped up our own thoughts about the products we’d like to release to the marketplace ourselves! Very encouraging!

I’m so proud of the work they are doing and would love it if you could take a moment and check them out. Every little bit helps. With Crowd-Funding of projects, the more visibility, the greater likelihood interested parties will see the product. So, please, take a moment to check out their IndieGoGo campaign and maybe share it with some friends. You might even find it’s something you’ve always needed! No matter how you choose to help spread the message, you could be part of seeing a young entrepreneurial family bring their first product to the marketplace!

Entrepreneurs at work!

Entrepreneurs at work!

Visit their IndieGoGo Campaign at: http://igg.me/at/thetimer/x/9548275

While you’re at it…take a chance on winning a little something for yourself by visiting their contest page at: https://gleam.io/NSpCG-HeuhiY. Every share through this page increases your chances of winning!

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